About us

Chef and owner Ron and his wife Asha began the Pear tree on the first of January 2017. Opening with a one year old son helped evolve the kids area and family room in to the biggest area of its kind in the Fremantle area.

Garie aka Daisy has been the Manager now for well over a year.

Daisy is a Fremantle legend, you will never feel more welcomed in any cafe anywhere than you will by him. Good vibes, great coffee and old school tunes is a given on any day.

Pear Tree was named after the old bakery which was in this shop front. It was called Pereira bakery which in Portuguese means Pear Tree.

We serve speciality coffee and work closely with our local roaster Karavan coffee. Karavan coffee are less than 5kms away. Having our roaster so close has helped nurture a special relationship and the ability to achieve a common goal to bring exceptional coffee to our customers consistently.

We opened our doors on new years day 2017 .We opened with no furniture and no kitchen. We had just our amazing woodfire oven built 1 km away and our coffee machine on a makeshift bench and of course our amazing water filtration system from plumscan.

We used our woodfire oven to bake our breakfast pizzas and sourdough for the first 2 month. We baked eggs in earth tapas dishes in our woodfire and toasted our bread to order there.

We have grown organically listening to what our customers wanted and combined with our believes in non toxic foods we are where we are today.

We will continue to evolve using our beliefs, passions and our ears. We have a loyal follwing who are along for the ride and happy to see us grow and succeeded.

We are a success story due to the patience and connection our amazing customers have given to us which we are so grateful and thankful for.

Please come and share your time with us. We have an amazing kids area and family room to check out. Breakfast and brunch are affordable and flavoursome.

Woodfire eggs baked in tomato sauce with feta-chorizo-fresh basil and our orgainc sourdough toast is one of my favourites.

Try our slow braised beef rib and brisket cooked for 24hrs in our wood fire which we pull and season then sit this juicy tender meat on potatoe rostis, topped with mashed avocado then stacked with a poached egg and rocket, oozed over with hollandaise and enhanced with our own chilli jam.

Vegetarians love our beetroot hummus which we also slow cook in our woodfire before blending with Tahin-olive oil and lemon juice. This dish gets a crispy piece of ciabatta that we bake by the hour in our wood fire as well as juicy mushrooms, feta cheese, poached egg, balsamic reduction and hazelnut dukkah.

Our best seller is our bacon and egg roll. Its no ordinary Bacon and egg roll as you will see. Its a stand out a testament to the simple done well. Pick one of these up during the week for $10 with a coffee now thats value.

Takeaway margarita


Location 1 Kerry St, Hamilton Hill, WA 6163 E-mail kerrystpeartree@gmail.com Hours Coffee,-1.30pm Breakfast & Lunch every day from 6.30am-1.pm. Wood Fired Pizza on Friday night only from 5pm-8pm
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